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Assure™ Hand Sanitiser

81148 AzoWipe

Assure™ Hand Sanitiser - 99.999% effectiveness against bacteria. The hand mousse contains a unique antimicrobial technology that provides effective protection against infections and minimises the risk of cross infection long after it has been applied due to an effective barrier that remains on the skin to offer sustained protection.

Assure is a water based and offers additional benefits to alcohol based hand rubs like residual action and broader spectrum antimicrobial activity, whilst simultaneously eliminating many of the risks associated with alcohol based hand sanitation e.g. skin irritation and dermatitis.

Non - alcohol based formulation, which complies with European Certification Standards EN 1276 and EN 1500, helps prevent dry skin and requires no water or rinsing, leaving hands soft and moisturised. As the formulation is fragrance-free and colour-free the potential for skin irritation is also minimised.

Quality performance of Assure Hand Sanitiser is supported by scientific evidence;

  • 48% reduction in reported patient infections during a 4 month care home trial
  • Water-based Assure has been shown to eliminate a greater number of micro-organisms compared to alcohol-based hand rub
  • No adverse reaction or skin sensitivities were reported when using Assure in the clinical setting

Assure - an excellent personal protection; ideal for “on the go” hand hygiene where there is limited access to soap and water.


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